OD Coaching

At OD Coaching, the aim is to help you understand how to achieve your goals, through lengthy discussions and planned programs.


Introducing OD O’Donnell, the brains behind OD Coaching. Proud Geordie and dad to two wonderful kids, OD spent 28 years in the Army, retiring as an Officer to pursue his passion for fitness and sports recovery. During his military career, OD operated as a Physical Training Instructor and has since become a CrossFit Masters Athlete, often participating in other sports competitions such as Judo, Boxing and Powerlifting. OD’s wide breadth of experience informs his role at OD Coaching, providing a unique perspective on training, recovery and movement to ensure all aspects of health and well being are a top priority for all of his clients.

OD O’Donnell acts as support and expertise to allow you to push forward and progress. Whether you are a professional athlete training for the next podium, whether you just want to feel stronger, fitter and/or leaner, or whether you just want to try something new, the OD Coaching approach is completely client led and can help you achieve whatever you need.